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Yasmine Fardous


Yasmine is a seasoned Associate with extensive experience in Commercial and highly complex litigation. With a wealth of experience in dispute resolution, Yasmine is a trusted advisor on complex legal matters, assisting the partners at Lehman Walsh.

Yasmine's dedication to her craft is evident in her track record of successfully navigating intricate legal landscapes, including the newly emerging and ever changing financial markets.

Her courtroom presence is marked by poise and expertise, making her a formidable advocate for her clients.

Beyond her litigation prowess, Yasmine is known for her meticulous attention to detail and her strategic approach to legal challenges. Clients rely on her insightful counsel to steer them through some of the most intricate legal issues with confidence.

As an associate at Lehman Walsh, Yasmine plays a pivotal role in our firm, contributing her wealth of experience and commitment to excellence to every case she handles.

Yasmine Fardous
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