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Nicola Craven


Nicola is a partner in the Banking and Finance team at Lehman Walsh, who brings over twenty years of experience, representing both domestic and foreign lenders in various litigious and transactional matters, including in action brought by regulators and other relevant governmental authorities. Her extensive experience, coupled with a strong sense of commercial reality and strategic foresight, ensures she delivers tailored, relevant and effective service to her clients.

Prior to joining Lehman Walsh, Nicola served as a partner in a mid-tier banking and finance firm, followed by a stint as the managing director of a commercial incorporated legal practice.

Her expertise remains sought after by high-profile clients on cutting-edge and complicated transactions. She is entrusted with handling multilayered, multiparty, and complex matters, often involving innovative structures and cross-border portfolio transactions.

Nicola emphasises a strategic and collaborative approach to her work, placing a premium on early settlement and resolution, in order to minimise the risks associated with protracted and expensive litigation.

" Any reference to a "partner" means an employee with sufficient seniority"

Nicola Craven
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